Questions about processing & dispatch:

Will my letter be printed on one-sided (simplex) or double-sided (duplex)?

With superpost, all documents and attachments are printed on both sides of the paper (duplex). This is environmentally friendly and allows you to send twice as many pages in your letter.

Will my letter be printed in color or greyscale?

All letters are printed in color and on high quality paper.

Can I cancel my letter after my order has been completed?

No. Once a purchase has been completed, the letter dispatch can no longer be cancelled.

Is it possible to send a letter anonymously?

No, letters cannot be sent anonymously with superpost. If superpost is used to send illegal or abusive content, we will cooperate fully with the authorities and file a complaint ourselves.

Can I download the letter for review before sending it?

Yes, you can download your letter as a PDF in the order overview. However, the franking and QR code printed on it are not valid and only for viewing purposes.

Can I also send letters from abroad?

Yes! With superpost, you can send letters from anywhere – without a surcharge!

Is it possible to send letters abroad?

Yes. superpost offers worldwide delivery. Your letter will be sent anywhere in the world for the same price! However, the delivery time varies depending on the recipient country:

Recipient country

Delivery time

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands

1 working day*


1-4 working days**

Rest of Europe

3-9 working days**

Rest of the world

4-18 working days**

*If the letter was posted before 12:00 pm CE(S)T
**If the letter was posted before 10:00 am CE(S)T

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