Questions about legal matters:

Will my letters be read en route by anyone other than the intended recipient?

No, your letter is processed automatically and goes through a process according to strict data protection regulations. If your letter is undeliverable, it will be destroyed unopened.

I run a company. Can I also use superpost?

However, if you need VAT-compliant billing or want to send larger quantities of letters, we recommend our professional solution, Pingen. Pingen is a powerful hybrid mail service specifically designed to automate all types of business mail.

How long will my letter be stored in the system?

Letters remain stored for 90 days from the date of dispatch and can also be accessed digitally via the superpost QR code during this time.

Does the recipient have to accept my notice of termination sent via superpost?

Depending on the contract and the legal system, there are various formal requirements which may mean that your notice of termination sent via superpost may not be accepted. Depending on the notice of termination, certain obligatory details must be observed.

Our text templates only serve as a drafting aid and are not to be understood as legal advice. Therefore, it’s always necessary to inform yourself in advance about the content and formal requirements of your termination notice. It’s up to you to ensure whether and how superpost is suitable for your notice.

What guarantees does superpost provide?

We do not assume any guarantees that go beyond the provisions of our GTCs.

Is the digital signature legally valid?

There are different formal requirements depending on the legal system, area of application, or contract. We recommend that you find out in advance whether a signature created with superpost will meet your intended use.

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