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Simply drag the PDF into the round drop zone and have it sent as postal letter. Perfect for any kind of documents like terminations, contracts and many more!

Your letter is automatically printed, enveloped, stamped and sent by post.

Simply upload the PDF and have it sent as postal letter. Perfect for any kind of documents like terminations, contracts and many more!

Your letter is automatically printed, enveloped, stamped and sent by post.

Send letter online without registration
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Print and Mail Service – This is how it works

No printer at home? No desire to queue at the post office? The online letter sending service superpost enables you to send letter online and have it delivered by post. Thanks to our partnership with DHL, your letters can are delivered reliably at home and abroad.

Submit PDF as Postal Letter

Simply upload the PDF online, enter the destination address, pay and superpost will take care of the rest!

Send PDF via snail mail

Automated Letter

Your letter is then automatically printed, enveloped, stamped and posted as snail mail.

Print and Mail Service

Reliable Delivery via Post

You will be notified once your letter has been posted successfully and it will be delivered to the recipient via snail mail.

Send letter online

Undeliverable Notification

In case the letter cannot be delivered by the post, you will be informed by email and the letter will be destroyed unopened.

Undeliverable Notification
Upload PDF & Send Letter Online

The Perfect Post Alternative

With superpost, you can easily send your terminations, contracts and much more online via snail mail - No registration required!

Send contract as PDF by post

With superpost you can send PDFs with up to 12 pages via snail mail. This way also large documents and contracts can be sent online and delivered to the recipient by post.

Cancel memberships in writing

Many memberships still have to be cancelled in writing. With superpost, you can submit your notice of termination online and have it delivered by postal mail. This saves you the trouble of printing, enveloping and stamping your notice as well as the trip to the post office!

Cancel memberships by post

Cancel mobile phone contract via letter

You want to cancel your mobile phone contract in writing? No problem, just upload your termination notice as a PDF and superpost will print and mail it for you!

Cancel mobile phone contract online

Quickly send a letter abroad
with DHL

Thanks to our partnership with DHL, you can send letters worldwide with superpost. The letters are sent via air freight as priority. This way you benefit not only from the highest reliability but also from the fastest delivery.

Send letter abroad quickly

Send PDF via snail mail

You urgently need to send a document by post but have neither a printer nor stamps available?

With superpost you can conveniently send your PDF online and have it delivered as postal letter.

Send a letter from abroad

Are you on holiday or on a business trip and need to send an urgent letter or termination notice? With superpost you can send your letter in less than 3 minutes from anywhere in the world! The only thing you need is a browser and an internet connection.

And many more

We have deliberately designed superpost to be as easy and flexible as possible so that there are no limits to what you can do with it.

Professional Delivery Partners

Send Letter online and have it printed in professional print facilities on high quality paper. Thanks to cooperation with professional local and international delivery partners, superpost offers fast and reliably delivery of your mail.

Deutsche Post
India Post
Schweizer Post

super fast, super easy, superpost

With superpost, PDFs can be sent via snail mail within seconds. You still have to write your letter? No problem! With the superpost letter generator you can write your letter online and have it directly sent via postal mail!

We offer highest

Your letter will be treated as strictly confidential and destroyed unopened if undeliverable.

Fast delivery locally and

Your letter can also be sent anywhere in the world thanks to our cooperation with local and international delivery partners.

Write and send a letter via mobile phone

Write your letters directly on your mobile phone and send them from wherever you are!

Automatically send letters online - No problem with Pingen!

Are you searching for a professional print and mail service provider to fully automate your postal mail? Then check out Pingen! Pingen is our powerful hybrid mail service to automate the sending of all types of business mail. Ideal for companies and software providers.

Professional and reliable web app

Pingen - Professional web app for sending letters

API and software

Pingen - Send letters via API and software add-ons

Digital returns processing

Pingen - Have undeliverable letters processed digitally

Best prices and
volume rebates

Pingen - Cheap prices and exciting volume rebates
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