Write a Valentine’s Day Letter - Ideas & Free Templates

Valentine's Day - a day dedicated to love and romantic celebration. Forget about clichés and try personalised, touching Happy Valentine’s Day Letters ideas that capture the essence of your love.

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Write a Valentine’s letter : Ideas and free templates

Touching Valentine’s Day Letter Ideas for Her and Him

Can’t find good words to express your feelings? Welcome to a place where love finds its perfect expression. Just use our Valentine’s Letters templates and personalise them to capture the essence of your love.

Valentine’s Letter for Boyfriend

Valentine's Letter - For Boyfriend

My Sweet Valentine,

On this special Happy Valentines Day I want to write how much you mean to me! You are my person, my best friend, my soulmate. You make me feel happy, safe, loved and pretty. I love everything about you… The way you smile, your smell and how you hug me.

You entering my life was the best thing that ever happened to me.You always understand me, we know each other truly. In both favourable and challenging times, we stand strong and that makes our love unique and special. I might not have mentioned it before, but you are the most attractive and loving man I have ever met. I love you for being so perfect.

Realising that you belong to me, I feel like the happiest woman on Earth.

You’re mine forever,

With all my heart,
[Your first name]

Valentine’s Letter for Girlfriend

Valentine’s Letter for your Girlfriend


Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are my everything! I remember the moment we met like it was yesterday. You waved to me smiling and asked for a dance. I already knew that you are the girl of my dreams. From that day my love is growing and is getting stronger. I love the way you look, how you support me and how I feel with you. With you every day is a beautiful journey.

You are so beautiful, I still can’t believe that I’m so lucky to have women like you. My heart is beating faster every time I see you.

On this special day, I want to express my gratitude for your presence in my life and celebrate our beautiful love.

You are not just my partner;
you are my joy, my confidante, my inspiration, my everything.

Forever Yours,
[Your first name]

Valentine’s Letter for Crush

Valentine’s Letter for a Crush

Dear [Name of your Crush],

You are my best friend and...
Taking the opportunity of this special Valentine's Day, I want to express my feelings that I was keeping quietly in my heart.

Your presence has the power to brighten even the worst day, and I find myself enjoying every moment we share. From the first moment our paths crossed, I sensed a unique connection with you.

I Love You. I really do. Your amazing energy inspires me and I’m looking forward to the possibility of discovering more about the incredible person you are.

While the depth of my feelings may be a huge surprise to you, I deeply believe that you feel similar.

Wishing you a beautiful Valentine's Day filled with joy, laughter and love.

[Your first name]

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Template - Valentine’s Letter for your Boyfriend

If you have no idea how to tell Him how much he means to you, use our Valentine’s Letter Template for your Boyfriend.

Valentine's Letter - For Boyfriend

Template - Valentine’s Letter for your Girlfriend

Put your deepest feelings into words for her. You need an idea or an example? Easily use our Template and have a Happy Valentine’s Day with your Girlfriend!

Valentine’s Letter for your Girlfriend

Template - Valentine’s Letter for a Crush

Why did someone say that Valentine’s Day Letters can only be written for your partner? Take the chance of this romantic day to reveal your feelings to your Crush. Our “For Crush” template will help you to do it.

Valentine’s Letter for a Crush